Environmental Benefits of Refurbished Workstations

If your company is working on becoming more environmentally friendly, buying refurbished workstations and other forms of used office furniture will be a major piece of the “green” puzzle. Many businesses these days are turning to pre-owned office furniture instead of buying new for a number of reasons, including the lower cost of purchasing used furnishings instead of new and the tax credits that come after achieving LEED certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. Of course, buying refurbished workstations and other types of office furniture can directly benefit the environment, too. The following are just a few of the numerous ways buying used office furniture can help the environment and also help brand your company as an environmentally friendly business:

Reducing the use of raw, natural materials – Office furniture is made of wood, metal, cloth, and many other materials that derive from natural resources, so the purchase of refurbished workstations and other used furnishings reduces the demand on these often limited resources. This can help your business enhance its eco-friendly image, and can be included in promotional material to highlight the efforts your company is making to preserve the environment.

Reducing your carbon footprint – The energy expended during the process of manufacturing office furniture emits carbon dioxide, a gas some scientists theorize can induce climate change when released into the atmosphere. The purchase of used and refurbished workstations and other pre-owned office furnishings can therefore help reduce your carbon footprint and potentially allow you to sell valuable carbon credits to other businesses.

Lessening the burden on landfills – One person’s trash is another person’s treasure, and refurbished workstations and other used office furnishings are indeed valuable treasures that would have otherwise wound up in dumps if they were simply discarded when their first owners no longer needed them. When you buy recycled and refurbished workstations and other used furnishings, you’re keeping a massive amount of largely non-biodegradable material out of landfills. The purchase of used office furniture can provide a golden opportunity to showcase your company’s efforts in reducing waste and helping keep its community a little cleaner.

At Panel Systems Unlimited, you can buy workstations and other office furnishings that have been painstakingly refurbished from top to bottom. From touching up paint and finishes to steam cleaning upholstery and replacing any missing or broken parts, we are meticulous in refurbishing office furniture so it looks, works, and even smells nearly like new. We even cover our refurbished workstations with a limited lifetime warranty.

For more information about our refurbished workstations, used cubicles, and othermodular office furniture for businesses in Fayetteville, NC, Orlando, FL, Louisville, KY, Mobile, AL, and other communities across the United States, please contact us today.

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