Our Mission: Quality Office Furniture and Superior Customer Service

We commit to our customers, our suppliers, our community and our families to offer the highest quality office furniture at used office furniture prices, while providing an optimum level of customer service. We will maintain a clean and safe work environment while keeping a sense of perspective.

As for our guiding principle-ask the Panel Systems CEO or the employee that is unloading your office furniture and they will tell you the same thing-our mission is founded on the principle that “We will do what we say we’ll do!” At Panel Systems Unlimited, you can trust us to fulfill our word. Our employees do not make unrealistic promises. Instead, we take the time to learn about your company and tailor-fit a quality office furniture solution that is based on your unique needs.

Providing Used Office Furniture That Looks Good as New!

Panel Systems Unlimited understands that while your company may be operating on a limited budget, it is still important to exude a professional image. That is why every day we focus on providing used office furniture and work stations that are clean, comfortable and efficient, yet affordable.

The Panel Systems Unlimited difference is in our people and the quality office furniture that we deliver. Who knew that buying used office furniture could be so simple? Call or contact us today to get quality office furniture and experience the Panel Systems Unlimited difference firsthand!