Commonly misnamed “office partitions”, systems furniture is actually about much more than dividing up space.

People often refer to our furniture as office partitions or as office dividers as if the main function of systems furniture was to divide up a large space into small bland identical cubes. The truth is our systems furniture is highly customizable and, when installed by us after a CAD rendering, can be very pleasing to the eye and enriching to the individual who will use it. More than one client has expressed glee when seeing our final setup, and on several occasions, a satisfied customer has told us about having colleagues from other departments with furnishings we didn’t design being very jealous of their “new” systems furniture. Be jealous if you like, but please don’t call them office partitions. Find out how Panel Systems Unlimited can turn office partitions into more than just dividers.

Some think of office dividers when purchasing systems furniture while we think of our systems as office facilitators.

Selling used office partitions is not what we are about. Your office is more than a series of dull office dividers. It is a place where people work hard and a place where they spend a large part of their lives. It is also a place that costs money to furnish. Panel Systems Unlimited sees itself as being in the business of office facilitation. We take raw, open office space and make it functional, attractive, efficient, comfortable and even welcoming. And we make it affordable. Our customizable systems furniture and our careful, expert approach to office design are the vehicles we use to achieve our success. No office dividers here! Providing you with the best systems furniture options in gently used equipment means you can turn your space into something special without breaking the bank. Give us a call to find out how we can best help you find aesthetic, affordable office dividers that blend effortlessly with our other systems furniture options, including modular office furniture, cubicles, workstations, and much more.