JSI Furniture

JSI Furniture: Craftsmanship Rooted in Tradition and Community

At Panel Systems Unlimited, we’re honored to showcase the exceptional craftsmanship of JSI Furniture, a company with deep roots in the heart of the Midwest.

A Century of Craftsmanship:

JSI Furniture proudly carries a legacy that spans over a century, with generations of their furniture family practicing their craft in southern Indiana since 1876. Their commitment to quality and their craft is a testament to their enduring values.

Quality for Work and Life:

JSI Furniture is synonymous with quality furniture for both work and life. Their dedication to excellence and craftsmanship is evident in every piece they create. Their broad offering reflects their commitment to meeting almost any need, making them a trusted choice wherever work and life happen.

Living by a Simple Philosophy:

JSI Furniture lives by a simple yet powerful philosophy that has guided them for generations. From the way they build their furniture to the way they engage with others, it’s ingrained in the fabric of Jasper Group. It reflects a commitment to the community, responsible growth, and meaningful investments. Most importantly, it emphasizes the vital role they play in ensuring a strong business for future generations, fostering local communities, and leaving a lasting impact.

Committed to Tradition and Community:

JSI Furniture’s commitment to tradition and community is evident in every piece they create. Their dedication to craftsmanship and their values align perfectly with Panel Systems Unlimited’s mission to provide quality office solutions to our customers.

Explore JSI Furniture with Us:

Discover the craftsmanship and community commitment that define JSI Furniture. Partner with us to explore their wide range of furniture solutions that blend seamlessly into work and life environments.

Elevate your workspace and home with JSI Furniture—a name that stands for quality, tradition, and community.