Buying Used Workstations Can Help you Create a Green Office

Buying used workstations and cubicles can do more than just save you money – they can also help your business become more environmentally friendly. Every year, tons of office furniture is discarded, and much of this waste ends up in landfills, where it may sit for years. However, gently used office furniture can give the buyer inexpensive, quality pieces of furniture while keeping a large amount of waste out of the dump. Additionally, when you buy used office furniture, you are reducing the strain on natural resources that may be used when manufacturing new office furniture.

While buying used workstations and cubicles has its definite environmental advantages, there is another incentive to purchasing used office furniture instead of new furnishings – potential tax benefits. Your business can earn tax credits by working toward LEED certification, a program established by the U.S. Green Building Council to recognize businesses that meet certain benchmarks in minimizing their impact on the environment. Spending at least 30 percent of their furniture budget on used workstations, cubicles, and other pre-owned modular office cubicles is just one of the many ways that businesses can earn points toward LEED certification.

It may seem that buying used workstations or cubicles means having to sacrifice the fresh look and feel that you may get with new furniture, but that simply isn’t the case when you buy your pre-owned furnishings from Panel Systems Unlimited. At Panel Systems, we offer only the finest used office furniture and we painstakingly inspect every piece that comes into our inventory.  We also thoroughly steam clean upholstery, touch-up paint and surfaces, and replace any missing parts, such as drawer handles, to ensure that every piece we sell is truly outstanding.

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