Stay “Green” with Used Office Workstations

One of the things offices can do to be environmentally friendly is to invest in good quality, clean, used office workstations instead of buying new. Not only does buying recycled office furniture keep those pieces out of a landfill, but it also saves your business money. Everything from used office dividers and chairs to desks and storage pieces to even the artwork that you hang on your walls is available on the used market, giving you all sorts of options to achieve the right look and layout for your location while keeping your office “green.”

Don’t think for a moment that because you put used office workstations in your office that you are going to compromise the look. Most recycled office furniture that comes available on the market is less than five years old and, once installed, looks like you bought it brand new and have been using it for about six months.

Recycled Office Furniture Saves Money – and the Planet

Used office workstations are often of higher quality than new furniture that can be purchased at the big office superstores – and recycled office furniture is usually offered for the same price or even less than the inferior quality new. While that new furniture may be sufficient for the home office, which gets occasional use, when they are placed in a full-time business setting, they simply won’t hold up over time. When the new pieces are worn out, you’ll have to throw them away because they’ve become unusable. And you’ll also have to spend even more money replacing them on a regular basis.

Recycled office furniture purchased from a reputable dealer is guaranteed to be solidly built by major manufacturers and to last for many years. You may even be able to resell it when you need to reconfigure, expand, or move, recouping your costs and continuing to keep these large items out of the dumpster. Saving the planet and saving money? It just makes sense.

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