Used Cubicles – How to Choose the Right Ones for Your Office

Buying used cubicles is a terrific way to save money when furnishing your office. Often available for only a fraction of the cost of new cubes, used workstations are cost-effective and widely available. However, as you may find when shopping for used cubes, not all are created equal. There are many types of used cubicles on the market. From telemarketing cubicles to call center cubicles as well as teaming stations and other types of workstation configurations, choosing the right type of used cubicles for your workplace usually requires a careful assessment of your needs.

One major factor to consider when buying used cubicles is to consider how much space your workers really need. For example, if you are running a customer service center and each employee only uses a single telephone, computer monitor, and a small area for writing or reading documents, you can purchase smaller workstations, maximizing the use of your available floor space. However, if you are running an advertising agency, your employees may need larger workstations so they can simultaneously use multiple computer programs on different monitors, work with large drafting boards, or gather in one work area to collaborate on a project.

It is also important to consider the height of your cubicle partitions – shorter ones are ideal if you want to create a more open feel in your business and make it easier to monitor your employees. Conversely, higher office partitions are the better choice for noisy workplaces, such as call centers, where a key goal is to reduce noise intrusion between workstations and to provide your employees more privacy.

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