Let Panel Systems Help You Find Some of the Best Office Furniture Online

Chances are that finding high-quality office furniture online is becoming a nuisance. At Panel Systems, however, we make finding new and used cubicle systems and parts an easy job by saving you time, money, and much needed resources. Whether you need to replace a file drawer handle or are looking to buy a set of call center cubicles, we’ve got you covered. We take all the guesswork out of selecting the right corporate office furniture online by guiding you through the process.

  • Stay within budget – Panel Systems’ used cubicles and parts save you money. Generally, we pass on savings as high as 75% to you. Plus, we offer a lifetime warranty – a benefit not even offered by some office furniture manufacturers.
  • Get it done on time – Using Panel Systems’ many services saves you time for the many other things you have to do. Our professionals create skilled CAD designs so you can see firsthand how your new or used cubicle system layout will look. Additionally, we can generally ship and install within 5 to 10 business days.
  • Maximize your space – Panel Systems carefully evaluates your existing space and designs plans that enhance and highlight it. Our experts work with you and keep your ideas in mind while creating a workspace that everyone will love.

Search for or Sell Your Used Cubicle System and Parts

Panel Systems is more than just a company that sells you new and used office furniture online. We see ourselves more as facilitators in creating fluid designs that work well for companies and increase productivity. We take your existing space and make it functional, efficient, and comfortable with our extensive inventory of used cubicle systems and parts.

Additionally, we can take your current panel or cubicle systems off your hands and list your office furniture online as an outright buy or take it as a trade in towards replacement furniture. If you’re looking to buy, however, you can begin searching for new and used office furniture online.