Why Telemarketing Cubicles Make Business Sense for Your Call Center

If you need a highly efficient cubicle system for your call center, telemarketing cubicles may just provide the answer you have been looking for. Providing employees ample space for a computer, monitor, telephone, and a place to write or take notes, a telemarketing cubicle is one of the most user-friendly yet compact workstation designs available. Many telemarketing cubicles are even available with overhead cabinets or shelves for storage. And, with a typical desk space measuring four feet wide by two feet deep, it is possible to provide a complete work area within a space measuring less than 20 square feet, when taking account for space consumed by a user sitting in an office chair.

In addition to maximizing the number of employees you can effectively get within your workplace, telemarketing cubicles are also beneficial because, when equipped with tall, acoustical partitions, they can provide your employees a sufficient amount of privacy for handling an array of sensitive tasks. Take for example, the case of employees who must handle private medical information in a health insurance call center. These employees need to ensure that the records they handle are safe from those who are unauthorized to see them.

Unlike many traditional work areas, such as conventional desks and tables, telemarketing cubicles are available in a wide array of colors. This aesthetic benefit is especially important if your company works hard to brand itself throughout its corporate facilities, including employees’ work areas. With office systems furniture that captures your business logo’s colors, you can help foster a sense of corporate unity and pride among your employees and help them to feel even more vested in your company and its culture.

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