Types of Office Furniture Systems

If you have been in the market for office furniture systems and this is your first foray into the business furnishings industry, you may be unsure as to exactly what is meant by the term “office furniture systems.” In general, when you hear of or see references to systems furniture, furnishings that work along with or accompany other pieces of furniture are the types of components in question. Usually, the following are what you can expect to find if you are shopping for office furniture systems:

Office cubicles – Providing each employee a private, organized place to complete their work, cubicles are usually assembled in pods and interconnected in networks of cubes that may occupy thousands of square feet.

Computer workstations – Much like office cubiclesworkstations, too, provide ample room for each employee to get his or her tasks done, but they may or may not be equipped with the partitions that create walled divisions, such as is the case with cubes.

Filing cabinets – Most businesses need more than a single file cabinet to store all of their records and other important documents. Commercial filing drawer cabinets are often very large and are typically designed to work with other filing components to fill whole walls or even entire rooms so that all documents can be conveniently organized and stored in one area.

Partitions – Many businesses opt for movable partitions rather than permanent walls to divide individual work areas because buying a partition can cost far less than constructing a wall. Plus, partitions are available in a multitude of colors and styles and can beautifully complement or enhance nearly any office environment. A system of partitions is most commonly used to create numerous smaller, private or semi-private work areas within a larger, open room.

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