Remanufactured Cubicles for Companies Throughout the U.S. from Panel Systems Unlimited

When you need quality remanufactured cubicles from a reliable source, Panel Systems Unlimited is the company for you. We offer like-new cubicles and workstations to businesses throughout the United States from remanufacturing specialist Open Plan Systems. These remanufactured cubicles are part of the AO2 collection from Herman Miller, one of the most well-known office furniture manufacturers. Each cubicle has been thoroughly reconstructed – stripped down to the bare core, powder coated, reupholstered with new fabrics that are machine applied rather than hand stretched, and then completely rebuilt. The end product is virtually indistinguishable from new, both in regard to appearance and durability.

There are multiple configurations to choose from among the remanufactured cubicles we offer, including:

Whether you are outfitting an office in Charlotte, New Orleans, Dallas, New York, or Los Angeles, Panel Systems Unlimited can help you get the office furnishings you need. Through Open Plan Systems, we can provide you with premium remanufactured products and we can also supply you with high quality used furnishings from our own inventory or combine the two for a economical hybrid of used and remanufactured.  We can even help you configure an appropriate floor plan for your business based on your office’s square footage and number of desired cubicles, one of the many office services we have the expertise to provide.

Contact us today for more information on the remanufactured cubicles and otherremanufactured office furniture we offer, and how you can qualify for free shipping. We proudly serve businesses throughout the nation.

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