Refurbished Cubicles Offer Many “Green” Benefits

If you want to “go green” with your business, you may want to consider buying refurbished cubicles and other used office furniture to help turn that goal into a reality. After all, the disposal of used office furniture contributes to the addition of massive quantities of waste annually in landfills across the country. So, buying used office furniture will help communities across the United States stay cleaner and, in the process, provide you with perfectly usable office furnishings at a fraction of the cost of similar new office furnishings.

Another green benefit to buying refurbished cubicles, workstations, and other office furnishings is that you are minimizing the strain on natural resources, many of which are non-renewable. Making office furniture requires the use of ores, natural oils, and other materials that simply can’t be replenished, yet the refurbishment process requires few, if any, of the materials that go into building office furnishings from scratch.

Refurbishing office furniture also produces far fewer carbon emissions than does the process of manufacturing new office furniture. Reducing your carbon footprint not only can help our planet, but can also allow you to further brand your company as being eco-friendly.

Another reason to consider buying refurbished cubicles, workstations, and other types of office panels is that you may qualify for LEED certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. Obtaining LEED certification can help you to earn tax credits and may also increase B2B transactions from clients looking to deal exclusively with other eco-friendly businesses.

If you’ve decided that the many benefits refurbished cubicles can offer your business are just too great to pass up, then look no further than Panel Systems Unlimited. We have a wide selection of refurbished cubicles and other panel systems furnishings that have been painstakingly touched up and cleaned, making them look, work, and even smell just like new. While our refurbished cubicles are of outstanding quality, they will still cost you only a fraction of the cost of what you would pay elsewhere for similar new cubicles. Plus, our cubicles come from many of the industry’s most trusted brands, including Herman Miller, Steelcase, Allsteel, Haworth, and many others.

For more information about our high-quality refurbished cubicles, contact us today. We serve businesses in Atlanta, Greensboro, Louisville, Fayetteville, Jackson, and other cities throughout the Southeastern United States.

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