Open Space Office Furniture for Businesses Nationwide from Panel Systems Unlimited

The trend in office design has moved more toward using open plan furniture to fill space in the workplace because more businesses desire floor plans that allow for and promote collaboration between employees. At Panel Systems Unlimited, we fully recognize this trend, which is why we offer outstanding open plan workstations from industry leader Open Plan Systems. These quality workstations are highly durable, extremely stylish, and completely customizable, giving our customers the opportunity to purchase workstations that not only will meet their needs but also will suit their aesthetic preferences.

OPS workstations are available in:

  • Signature Series – These affordably priced new workstations have been constructed to the same industry standards as all other reputable commercial-grade furniture manufacturers, so you can rest assured they are built to stand the test of time. Also, these workstations are fully compatible with Herman Miller AO2 systems furniture.
  • Sustainable Series – The high-quality remanufactured open plan workstations have been stripped down to their core and thoroughly rebuilt, so you can rest assured they are not only extremely durable but also will provide you with outstanding value for your dollar. Like the OPS Signature Series workstations, these models are fully compatible with AO2 systems furniture.

Contact us today to learn more about our available OPS open office furniture and how designing your office space in an open plan configuration can be beneficial for your business. We also offer used workstations from Kimball, Allsteel, Teknion, Trendway, Herman Miller, and other well-known manufacturers.

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