Leading Office Furniture Liquidators for Your Miami, FL, Business

If you’re ready to sell used office furniture and cubicles from your business in Miami,Wooden topped office workstations with chairs Florida, or a surrounding area, look no further than the leading office furniture liquidators at Panel Systems Unlimited. One of our experienced buyers in office furniture liquidation sales will evaluate your inventory – in person. When you first contact us for an office liquidation, our sales staff will be happy to work with you to fill in some of the missing pieces and answer all your questions before we move forward.

Are You Ready to Sell Your Cubicles and Workstations?

At Panel Systems Unlimited, our focus is on the buying and selling of used cubicles and systems furniture. Some of the information we require to liquidate your cubicles includes:

  • The number of available cubicles
  • The average size of the cubicles
  • The color of the fabric, trim, and work surface
  • The cubicle manufacturer or manufacturers
  • Any additional specifics about the cubicles, from the number of work surfaces to the types of overhead storage

If your business in Miami, FL, or a surrounding area requires help liquidating other office furniture, we have partners who can liquidate a wide variety of additional office items, including chairs and desks.

Contact Us to Learn More

For more information about how you can feel confident working with Panel Systems Unlimited to sell your used office furniture, contact us today. We’ll commit to the purchase, cover all moving costs, and give you a great value and competitive price as the area’s leading office furniture liquidators.