Finding the Right Office Furniture Dealer Is Now Much Easier

Choosing an office furniture dealer is a big decision that involves a lot of factors. Once a company decides to update its office with new furniture, the search is on for a dependable supplier. Most dealers provide you with the product and leave quality and customer service up to chance. Panel Systems Unlimited offers you a lifetime warranty on its new and used furniture and office divider panels but doesn’t stop there. You’ll receive expert installation service and guidance from day one. Can other traditional or contemporary office furniture providers guarantee you the same things? Contact us to learn more about our dedication to being not just an office furniture dealer but your partner.

From Traditional to Contemporary Office Furniture – Panel Systems Helps Streamline the Search

First and foremost, consider what type of furniture you’re looking for. Would you prefer to save a little money and go with gently used cubicles? Or, are you ready to splurge on brand new contemporary office furniture? Your search will be a lot more streamlined if you find an office furniture dealer that offers both. If you do opt for used furniture, you can save up to 75% of the cost (Panel Systems Unlimited specializes in both new and used furniture and office divider panels at great prices – along with a lifetime warranty)!

Does the office furniture dealer guarantee its work and offer installation services? If the answer is no, you’ll not only have to spend more time on the project searching for a contractor that can, but you’ll also end up spending more money. Panel Systems Unlimited creates CAD designs of your office to help you visualize the project before it even begins.

Will the dealer be a partner in the process? The right office furniture dealer works with you to identify what type of furniture or office divider panels will work best with your design scheme, creating a workspace that everyone will appreciate.