AO2 Cubicles for Atlanta, New Orleans, Savannah, Chattanooga, and Beyond

AO2 (Action Office 2) cubicles from Herman Miller are a leading choice among business owners and office managers who want a highly efficient, open plan cubicle system. An issue for many businesses, though, is the high cost of buying new Action Office 2 cubicles. Thankfully, Panel Systems Unlimited has many budget-friendly options for creating an AO2 system from scratch or seamlessly expanding an existing Herman Miller Action Office system with clone furniture. We carry a wide selection of gently used, refurbished, and remanufactured Herman Miller cubicles and are also proud distributors of Open Plan Systems replica AO2 cubes.

Our original Herman Miller cubicles and Open Plan Systems replica AO2 systems furniture are available with many options, including:

  • Low, medium, or high walls – Having a choice of wall heights isn’t only important for providing your employees the necessary degree of privacy for your workplace, but also for creating a work environment that suits your office’s architectural character and aesthetics.
  • File drawers and storage compartments – Help keep the clutter out of sight with convenient storage solutions built right into the workstations.
  • L-shaped, U-shaped, or rectangular work surfaces – With multiple workspace configurations, you can provide your employees with adequate work areas and achieve a cubicle layout that makes the most efficient use of your floor plan.
  • Adjustable keyboard trays – A keyboard tray that can adjust in various positions is an essential tool for creating a more ergonomically friendly workstation and helping preserve valuable desk space for other equipment.

Contact us today for more information on our used, remanufactured, and refurbished Herman Miller AO2 cubicles or Open Plan clone AO2 systems furniture for Atlanta, Jacksonville, Richmond, and beyond.

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