5 Types of Businesses Where Call Center Cubicles are Useful

If you have always thought that call center cubicles are just for telemarketing firms, you may want to think again. While images of dozens or even hundreds of cubicles neatly organized in rows and buzzing with teams of telemarketers may be iconic in the corporate world, the reality is that call center cubes are an ideal investment toward greater productivity and efficiency for many types of businesses. In fact, the compact design of the typical call center cube and the noise-reducing capabilities of its office partitions make the call center cubicle a perfect addition to any business that wants to maximize use of its floor space and lessen sound bleed-through between work areas. Here are just a few of the many types of businesses that can benefit from having call center cubicles in their workplaces:

Customer care centers – With phones ringing off the hook in the typical customer service environment, a call center cubicle is a great solution to providing each agent his or her own place to concentrate and get their work done.

Medical billing centers – A call center cubicle is a great fit for any employee who must routinely focus on important details and work with customers over the phone as they discuss private information.

Bill collection agencies – Dealing with customers and having to negotiate with often-emotional callers can be stressful for any employee, but when working within the privacy of a call center cubicle, a bill collector can more easily focus on the tasks at hand.

Government offices – Given their availability in sizes as small as 2 feet by 4 feet, call center cubicles are perfect for reducing wasted space and increasing overall productivity, which are especially important goals in a sector that often sees budget cuts and public calls for greater efficiency.

Insurance companies – Whether covering lives, homes, or automobiles, insurance companies are increasingly looking for ways to save money and space when renovating old buildings or staking out new ones. Call center office cubicles will help provide that increased efficiency and still allow employees individual, private places to conduct business without having to build separate, permanent offices for each agent.

If you manage any of these businesses, or perhaps operate another type and feel that call center cubicles will offer you benefits that will help your company prosper, turn to Panel Systems Unlimited. We have a wide selection of new, used, refurbished, and remanufactured cubicles and many other types of office furniture systems at competitive prices. To learn more about our call center cubicles for businesses in Atlanta, Macon, New Orleans, Tampa, and Greensboro, contact us today.

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